Our Seafood

Nothing beats fresh, locally caught seafood. The taste, the succulence, the flavor! Hhhmm….It just can’t be beat!

That’s what we do here at RE Mayo Seafood. We head out during the season of your favorite fish and harvest only the very best. Whether it’s from one of our boats or from one of our local captains, nothing but the very finest from our waters is brought to the docks for you. The Italians call it “Frutti di Mare”, which means “Fruits of the Sea” and boy do we harvest a basket full!

Our mainstay catch include flounder, trout, drum, spot, sea mullet, croaker and sea bass. Our shellfish include shrimp, crab, scallops and oysters.
You can buy just about any quantity of fish and shellfish you desire. All orders are custom orders. We will pack it for you however you like, fresh or freshly frozen. We also take orders and can ship your favorite seafood direct no matter where you are!

RE Mayo Seafood with a century of bringing you the very best of what the coast of North Carolina has to offer. Conveniently located serving local and transient alike!

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